Skip the Visit for Pre-Install Inspections by Using Video Support

By Streem
September 13, 2023 8 min read

Companies can improve efficiency and streem-line their processes by using remote video support and innovative tools to skip the time-consuming and resource-intensive pre-install inspection process, unlocking a new level of efficiency in their quoting process. 

The Power of Remote Video Support 

Remote video support is revolutionizing how companies interact with their customers, particularly with pre-install inspections. Streem for virtual onsite inspections enables real-time interactions between customers and technicians, eliminating the need for technicians to inspect the site physically. Customers can use their mobile devices or browsers to connect with support representatives, highlighting the issue through video. 

Seamless Mobile Device & Browser Support 

Instantly connect through a mobile browser without the hassle of downloading apps or creating accounts. Streem makes this a reality. Technicians can initiate a video call from their computer or inside their existing workflows, expediting the inspection process and enhancing their overall experience. 

Annotation Tools for Visual Clarity 

Visual communication is a game-changer when it comes to remote pre-install inspections. Built-in annotation tools, including markers and laser pointers, enable technicians to guide customers through the inspection process effortlessly. These tools, enriched with augmented reality (AR) capabilities, allow technicians to circle, underline, and highlight specific areas, ensuring a clear understanding of the issue. 

Accurate Data Collection with Text Recognition 

Inaccurate data collection can lead to misunderstandings and delays. Remote video support tackles this challenge with text recognition technology. Technicians can capture critical information, such as model and serial numbers, using StreemShot® photos. This eliminates miscommunication and ensures that all necessary details are accurately recorded for the quoting process. 

Contextual Insights with GPS Location & High-Res Photos 

Understanding the context of an issue is paramount for accurate quoting. Remote video support captures GPS location and high-resolution photos during the inspection. All customer data is consolidated in one accessible location, empowering technicians to fully comprehend the situation and provide accurate quotes without needing on-site visits. 

Call Dashboard and Comprehensive Post-Call Reports 

Efficiency is enhanced with a call dashboard providing a comprehensive customer interaction overview. Timestamps and bookmark tools facilitate easy navigation through previous inspections. Moreover, multimedia-rich post-call reports can be shared in tickets, work orders, and customer follow-up communications, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. 

Seamlessly Integrated Workflows 

Implementing new tools should be seamless; remote video support precisely delivers that. Streem integrates effortlessly with existing CRM or customer contact tools. This integration maximizes customization through Streem® SDKs, API, and custom integration options, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions. 

Unlocking Benefits: Quoting Efficiency and Beyond 

The benefits of improving the first call resolution (FCR) rate through remote video support are numerous and far-reaching: 

  • Improved Quoting Efficiency
    • By skipping unnecessary on-site visits, companies can streamline the quoting process significantly. This means quicker turnaround times for customers and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Costs
    • Fewer on-site visits translate to reduced travel expenses and resource allocation. Companies can allocate their resources more strategically, resulting in cost savings. 

With Streem, Treehouse is now able to conduct virtual site visits for over 80% of our customers. 

Daniel F. | Chief Product Officer | Treehouse 

  • Faster Turnaround
    • Real-time inspections enable technicians to address issues promptly, leading to quicker resolution and faster quoting. This increased ability can positively impact overall customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    • The convenience of video, coupled with reduced wait times, elevates the customer experience. Customers appreciate the efficient and hassle-free process.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach

Streem unlocks a new dimension of efficiency for pre-install inspections. Companies can skip the drive, save time, reduce costs, and offer an enhanced experience to their customers. As businesses strive to optimize their operations, adopting remote video support tools for pre-install inspections is a strategic move that yields both short-term and long-term benefits. Embrace the future of customer support and quoting efficiency with Streem today. 

Streem Use Cases:

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Virtual Onsite Inspections with StreemCore®

 Enhance productivity and streem-line your operations with remote support video. Eliminate the need for time-consuming or resource-intensive procedures to unlock a whole new level of efficiency in your quoting or pre-assessment processes.