Improve Team Efficiency Through Context Using StreemCore® Expert Tools

By Streem
July 12, 2023 2 min read

Are you looking to boost your team's productivity and efficiency? One key factor that can make a significant difference is access to relevant context and information. When your team has the necessary information at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions, better understand support needs, and collaborate more effectively with their peers. StreemCore's expert tools are designed precisely for this purpose, allowing technicians or support teams to enrich and capture essential support data all within the 'Call Details' page. And the best part? You can easily share this valuable information with others using a Share Link.

Imagine being able to guide and document customer needs visually in real-time. StreemCore's AR-enabled Annotation Tools allow your team members to do just that. With laser pointer and marker tools powered by augmented reality, your team can precisely highlight areas of focus during the Streem call. Visual context ensures that everyone involved in the discussion clearly understands the subject matter, reducing confusion and minimizing errors.

StreemCore's StremShot® Photos feature takes information capture to the next level. Your team members can capture full-resolution photos using StreemCore's smart algorithm, which automatically extracts key details. These photos can be edited and annotated post-call, adding contextual information to help faster diagnose understanding for follow-up.

StreemCore's OCR Model & Serial Number Capture feature simplifies the process in industries where tracking model and serial numbers are crucial. By capturing this information through StreemShot® Photos and leveraging StreemVision® AI technology, your team members can eliminate manual data entry and ensure accurate record-keeping. This streamlined workflow reduces human error and saves time that would otherwise be spent on tedious data entry tasks.

Ever wished you could bookmark key moments without interrupting the conversation? Now you can with the Bookmarks tool. The powerful Bookmarks feature enables your team members can flag important moments during the call without disrupting the flow of the discussion. After the call, they can revisit and edit these bookmarks in the recorded video, enabling a quick and easy review of critical content.

In addition, StreemCore Expert Tools provide real-time Geo Location Capture and access to online support resources. The Geo Location feature allows your team to get real-time geographical context of your customers, optimizing routing, allocating resources efficiently, and improving overall productivity. 

Collaboration with external stakeholders is seamless with StreemCore's Share Links feature. Your team members can securely share view-only call details with non-Streem active account users, such as partners or customers. This enables effective communication and collaboration with external parties without requiring them to create an account or download additional software.

With access to Online Support resources, your team members can quickly find answers to their questions, learn best practices, and troubleshoot issues. This promotes continuous learning and improvement.

In conclusion, StreemCore Expert Tools provide your team access to relevant context and information, empowering them to work more efficiently and collaboratively. With features like AR-enabled Annotations, StreemShot Photos, OCR Capture, Bookmarks, Geo Location Capture, Online Support, and Share Links, StreemCore offers a comprehensive range of tools to enhance team productivity. By leveraging these tools, your team can make better-informed decisions, streamline workflows, and achieve success in their projects and daily operations. 

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