Top 3 Reasons to use Video Calling to Grow Your Construction Business

By Gloria Juarbe
April 19, 2021 4 min read

Home improvement projects have skyrocketed in the US due most everyone sheltering in place for the past year. A recent survey reported 3 out of 4 homeowners surveyed have completed a major project since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though some are feeling more comfortable leaving their house, the frenzy around improving living spaces is not expected to die down any time soon.

Home improvement professionals may be busier than ever but they still face the same challenges running a successful construction company. We’re going to discuss those challenges head on and provide a few innovative solutions home improvement specialists, contractors, and their teams can take advantage of today.

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Limited Staff Capacity

Managing staff and schedules across multiple customers can be one of the biggest pain points in running a home repair or construction business. One common difference between technicians is how quickly they work or even how fast each one drives. This can drastically change the time a job takes to complete from one technician to another.

Finding a way to remove the variables between yourself and your technicians can help you maximize the amount of jobs you service in the busy months allowing for flexibility in the slower months.

Video collaboration with tools that help you guide customers will ensure assessing and diagnosing a job site can be done remotely and accurately eliminating the need to be at the job site until it’s critical.

Field services pro using remote video onsite on his laptop

Increased Competition

Not only are you competing against other businesses, but many homeowners are tackling their home improvement needs by turning them into DIY projects.

Many times, homeowners either can’t find someone to call them back or simply accept the first quote they receive. The end result can be lower quality work for the homeowner and a missed opportunity for you, the professional.

The successful construction company is the efficient construction company. Your customers expect you to assess, diagnose and quote for services faster and safer. One way to accomplish this is to engage remotely with your customers using video diagnosis which allow you to create detailed quotes with high quality images of the job site. A recording of the conversation ensures clarity from the beginning of the project and meeting the expectations of your clients.

High Overhead Expenses

How many times have you or your employees gone to a job site and found that you don’t have the right tools or parts? Time consuming trips to the local hardware store are frustrating for your customers and increase your operational costs.

We’ve heard teams will fully stock multiple trucks just to avoid repeat visits—but this just leads to additional overhead and higher priced bids. Saving on labor costs is one contributing factor for 37% of homeowners to take their home projects on as DIY.

Because Streem is your eyes and ears in the field,you can view and assess nearly any job remotely.

See Results on the First Call

Teams that use Streem’s interactive video for remote diagnosis have not only saved time, gas, and money but they’ve become more efficient on their service calls. Technicians are dispatched to job sites with visual context and the right tools and parts to complete the service faster.

This is just one way Streem is helping professionals reduce cost, acquire more business and help customers faster. Find out how much you could save with Streem using our remote quotes calculator.

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