Calculate the Value of Remote Video Support for Your Work

By Nathan C Bowser
March 14, 2021 2 min read

Interactive video calls can turn time consuming site-visits into revenue generating remote workflows—dramatically reducing opportunity costs needed to complete estimates and on-site jobs or repairs. 

Use this quick ROI calculator tool to see the potential impact on your bottom line. 

ROI of Remote Estimates for Field & Home Services

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Prior to the pandemic organizations had begun implementing remote tools to better serve their customers; now it is an imperative service businesses must offer to provide safe and efficient customer service. Additionally the implementation of video tools is allowing companies to improve the customer experience, reduce overall travel time, decrease invasive site visits, improve first call resolution, and ultimately meet their customers where they are.

The Streem platform helps us deliver more choice, convenience, and control to utility customers—and has been a revenue driver across our business.” 


Seth Little, CLEAResult Director of Virtual Delivery

By leveraging Streem interactive video, our clients have reached audacious goals and achieved impressive results:

  • 2x increase in agent capacity
  • 90+ CSAT score
  • 200% increased quoting capacity
  • 85% reduction in sales cycles
  • Cut project approval times by an average of 32 days
  • Boosted close rates to 82%
  • Reduced warranty spend by 52%

Learn how StreemCore™ can benefit your business by using our calculator to predict the impact of remote quotes and services in three steps:

  1. Answer the questions in calculator workbook with your current sales data
  2. Set your growth and efficiency goals
  3. Review your calculated ROI estimates in a shareable summary page

Get the ROI Calculator.

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Download this tool to calculate the impact remote quotes can have on your business’s bottom line.