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September 23, 2020
By Nathan C Bowser

Remote Innovation, Streem News

Apple Features Streem as Ideal Use Case for Business Innovation

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Streem's powerful augmented reality (AR) remote communication platform is featured on as an ideal use case for AR in business and for moving projects forward that would otherwise require multiple site visits and product shipments.

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Streem extends the capabilities of the new iPad Pro + LiDAR, providing customer support and business teams with exceptional detail and precise 3D views for real-time virtual assessments and remote services.

Build AR business applications with the Streem SDK. Interactive video use case from the customer's view and designer's view in an iPad

AR improves and even redefines how companies and customers complete complex or challenging tasks with greater efficiency.

Streem’s enhanced AR, computer vision and machine learning capabilities make it easy and fast for leading businesses to develop their own AR products and tools, which in turn, enable more efficient workflows, improve communication and drive new customer connections and revenue growth.

To learn more how Streem’s patented tools can help create new growth opportunities for your business, get in touch with the form below. 

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