Introducing the StreemCore® Bookmark Tool

By Streem
August 18, 2022 1 min read

A new tool has been added to the Streem video call toolbox. Alongside Streem’s handy laser pointer, marker, StreemShot® photo, and GPS tools, the bookmark tool will help experts capture and annotate important project details. 

The bookmark tool allows experts to mark key moments and details during a Streem video call. Bookmarks will make revisiting those key events in the recorded video easier to find and review post-call. 

See the bookmark tool in action on our bookmark support article.



The bookmark tool rounds out a robust virtual tool belt that empowers experts to deliver delightful customer experiences and support via an AR-powered remote video collaboration call.

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StreemCore® Product Brief

Learn more about how Streem enables experts to see & solve remotely.

Streem, LLC was founded to help companies connect with their customers in new and more useful ways.

StreemCore® is an enterprise-class, remote visual assistance tool using out-of-the-box augmented reality (AR) capabilities. By adding an interactive, no-download video collaboration tool, companies can quickly see and solve remotely - accelerating diagnosis and support resolution times. With Streem's APIs or SDK, remote AR-video collaboration tools can embed and/or integrate into native apps and existing workflows.

Streem’s tools help support, visualize, and maintain our home and world by reducing waste and inefficiencies.