Streem Tips: Using StreemShot Photos and Notes

By Streem
August 23, 2021 2 min read

StreemShot® photos allow you to see what your customer sees, providing important visual context to your project details. 

Whether capturing serial numbers of an item or recording damage to a product, StreemShot photos help you share your project in a way that everyone can understand. Notes to accompany those photos display the full scope of a project and important details that make a better, more efficient experience for you and your customer. 

Two ways to add notes to your StreemShot photos.

You can add notes to your photos during the call, in a side-bar or after the call on the details page.

1. Add StreemShot notes during the video call

This is a great opportunity to speak with your customer and get any information that may be important to understanding and completing the job. 

Add notes to your Streemshots during the call

2. Add StreemShot notes after the Streem call

This is a great opportunity to add any project details you may have forgotten or provide added context to understand the job when you or a colleague revisit the call details later.

Add notes to your Streemshots in the call log

Update your Streemshot notes

When you’ve finished the call, go through each of the important images and add clarifying notes or details about what should happen next.

How to add notes to StreemShot photos


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