Streem helps reduce vehicle GHG emissions by using remote video support

By Streem
February 22, 2023 2 min read

Reducing carbon emissions is becoming an increasingly important part of doing business. By using remote visual assistance video tools like StreemCore®, companies can impact the environment and even reduce their carbon footprints by decreasing indirect GHG emissions, such as carbon dioxide, released from contractor’s vehicles. One area where Streem helped significantly impact is the reduction of truck rolls for American Home Shield’s (AHS) network of contractors.

The Streem technology leverages augmented reality and video collaboration tools with robust data capture and storage to facilitate remote service calls and reduce the need for in-home visits. By using video communication to support more service jobs remotely, AHS was able to limit the number of service vehicles on the road and reduce carbon emissions.

From October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022, AHS surveyed appliance contractors to confirm that the implementation of Streem into their workflows reduced the need for truck rolls. These contractors were requested to complete surveys after each Streem Call to validate whether the call resulted in a reduced truck roll. Over this period, the contractors demonstrated strong adoption of Streem technology, with a reduced truck roll reported at least 70% of the time that Streem was employed.

Based on this information, AHS estimated that using the Streem technology across this population of appliance service dispatches resulted in a 5-6% reduction in truck rolls during the same period. While we cannot estimate the reduced carbon emissions tied to these reduced truck rolls, as we do not have data on each contractor's vehicle, fuel type, or miles driven, we can use an example. If a contractor, who typically drives a 2015 Chevrolet Express 3500 Auto-6 2WD gasoline-powered van, avoided just two 15-mile trips per week, the savings would be over one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Applied across all of these contractors and beyond, the reduction in carbon emissions would be truly impactful!

Aside from the environmental benefits, remote video support also allows contractors to see the issue firsthand without relying on the customer's description of the problem. Using video vs. just hearing or reading about the issue can lead to a more accurate diagnosis and faster resolution, which is particularly important for appliances essential to daily life, such as refrigerators and ovens.

At Streem, this is only the beginning. We’ll continue finding ways to help our customers implement our technology to benefit the environment, their business, and customers alike.

Source: Frontdoor Sustainability Report

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