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June 22, 2021
By Chase Sbicca

Using Streem

Projects That Should Use the Streem App for Android


The Streem App for Android is now available for Android users to download and experience the difference that AR-enriched video communication can make. The Streem app for Android provides the same great customer experience as Streemcore™ for the mobile browser with added potential use for advanced AR features and tools. 

This Blog Covers:

  1. Projects That Would Benefit from the Streem App for Android
  2. How to Download and Use the Streem App for Android
  3. Platforms and Device Functionality

Projects That Would Benefit from the Streem App for Android

Since the app will need to be downloaded to a mobile device, it is important to understand what makes a good case for asking your customer to download the Streem app for Android. Keep in mind, your customer will always have the option to have the no-download, mobile browser experience. However, there are projects where the Streem app would be a benefit.

  • Established Customer Relationship
    • If you already have an ongoing, trusting relationship with your customer, the Streem app for Android would be a good addition to their smartphone. 
  • High Touch Point
    • If your project will require multiple or regular Streem calls with your customer, ask them to download the Streem app.
  • Complex Use Case
    • If your project is complex and may require the added functionality that comes with the Streem app, it will be worth your customer's time to download the app. 

How to Download and Use the Streem App for Android

When you have determined that the Streem app is right for your customer, please request your customer install the Streem app on their Android device.​

Google Play Store Search: Streem


Next, create and send an invitation.​ SMS, link, and code invitations will open the Android App for the end customer.

Ask your customer to please accept the invitation by clicking the link or entering the provided invitation code.​ Don't forget to have them accept terms & conditions and device permissions before joining you, the expert, on a Streem call.


Platforms and Device Functionality

Experts can use either the Streemcore™ desktop or the Streem app for iOS expert view experience to reach customers on the Streem app for Android.

Streem works on most Android devices with operating system Android v10+.

Reporting Issues & Getting Help

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Streem app for Android. If you need additional support, please visit to submit a help request.


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