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March 12, 2021
By Nathan C Bowser

Customer Success

How Partnering With Streem Can Help Fix Your CX Process


When Corey Savory-Venzke joined Traeger Wood Fired Grills® as the VP of Customer Experience & Service she had one mission: fix the broken CX process.

She was squarely focused on ensuring Traeger customers achieved their desired outcomes while using their product. Leveraging her agile, SixSigma, customer-focused product background, Corey set out to reinvent Traeger’s customer experience strategy.

Adopting an omni-channel approach to CX

Savory-Venzke began with the low hanging fruit; rebuild a customer-first BPO (business process outsourcing) model, define and baseline internal analytics, and find the right technology partners that would enable her to create a new customer experience at scale.

Driven by the desire to give customers the information they need, when they need it, and how they want it, Corey implemented an omni-channel approach to customer service. Traeger now successfully meets customers where they are at—whether that be via phone, chat, or social media.

Instead of listening to a customer describe a problem in their words, our agents can actually see the problem and diagnose it correctly the first time.

Implementing StreemCore™ video allowed Traeger to empower their agents and up-level their customer service. According to Corey, “Instead of listening to a customer describe a problem in their words, our agents can actually see the problem and diagnose it correctly the first time.”

Not only did this significantly reduce their warranty budget, it also allowed Traeger to reinvest back into their COGS.

Traeger Improves Core Customer KPIs by 30%

By partnering with Streem, Traeger was able to recognize a 30% improvement across all customer KPIs, dramatically increase first call resolutions, significantly decrease call times, and reach an impressive 92% customer satisfaction score.

Improve your customer experience with interactive video

To learn more about how Traeger revolutionized their CX experience utilizing StreemCore™ video, download the Customer-First Approach and Cloud Tools Transform Support Operations—with the CSAT Scores To Prove It Case Study.

Focus on customer experience transforms Traeger's support operations–with the CSAT scores to prove it.

To get started with Streem today book time with our remote customer experience experts in the form below.

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