CLEAResult Announces 3-Year Virtual Utility Assessment Contract

By Nathan C Bowser
November 24, 2020 2 min read

Following the successful launch of multiple national programs to maintain field service operations during COVID-19, CLEAResult® announced a three-year partnership with Streem®—providing first to market virtual assessment and validation products for utilities.

“From on-demand virtual energy advising to EV site inspections, to quality assurance; the Streem platform helps us deliver more choice, convenience, and control to utility customers—and has been a revenue driver across our business.”
Seth Little, CLEAResult Director of Virtual Delivery

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No-download StreemCore™ video calls allowed CLEAResult to successfully launch 40 Virtual Assessment programs with 34 utility clients across the United States and Canada in just weeks.

The secure, customer-friendly video session delivers utility customers a faster alternative to traditional energy assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic—doubling the number of daily assessments an agent can complete.

CLEAResult has accomplished much more than just successfully pivoting their model to meet these unprecedented times. These pilot programs have showcased vast opportunities to quickly realize business value in the following areas.

Hire-back furloughed field service employees

The first weeks of COVID-19 pandemic disrupted nearly all home and field service work in North America. Without a way to safely connect with customers at home, service teams faced work shortages and furloughs.

With Virtual Energy assessments, CLEAResult provided utility customers a safer option for home visits and allowed essential efficiency and home improvement work to continue—eventually hiring back numerous furloughed employees to power these winning new customer experiences.

Double agent capacity while cutting operating costs

Virtual assessments make every step of the audit process faster and more effective; reducing travel time, boosting first-time resolutions, and speeding the validation of contracted work.

These operational efficiencies allow CLEAResult technicians to double their daily capacity energy assessments during a time of social distancing.

Drive customer satisfaction with NPS 80+

While interactive video is a new technology for many homeowners, CLEAResult’s national pilots proved that energy customers are eager to connect to home experts—especially teams that can provide essential services quickly and safely.

Virtual Assessment programs received wide praise from call center agents and homeowners alike. Coming out of a busy summer of energy assessment, CLEAResult reports a rolling customer satisfaction NPS score of 80+ for all accounts.

Create new business opportunities

The process of launching national programs helped CLEAResult teams embrace the power of interactive video calls and changed how they approach the utility customer experience.

Since beginning their Streem programs, CLEAResult has identified a roadmap with over a dozen new high-value virtual products and operational efficiencies they will be launching and testing during this 3 year engagement.

Virtual products for field service innovation

CLEAResult’s first-to-market virtual tools for home energy assessments have proven that remote field service can be accessible, safe, and efficient while providing amazing experiences for homeowners, contractors, and utilities alike.

To learn more or to get started book time with Brian Gram, our field services lead in the form below.


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