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June 1, 2020
By Nathan C Bowser

Remote Innovation

Lowe’s for Pros JobSIGHT Keeps Contractors Safe & Open For Business


As part of its $25million commitment to helping the contractors and communities impacted by the Coronavirus, Lowe’s is now offering Lowes' for Pros JobSIGHT™. Powered by Streem interactive video,   this offer gives contractors the power to conduct many tasks like assessments, troubleshooting, parts orders, and quality control; virtually, remotely and safely.

Beginning June 1st, 2020, Lowe’s Pro loyalty members can sign up for free access to Streem interactive video platform through October 31st. Read the full press release for more details.

A new way to work

Across our communities the basic details of daily life have changed—forcing consumers and businesses alike to adapt how we live and work. More than ever the home is a refuge for Americans and many residential customers report concerns about letting service providers into their home.

While the need for essential home services continues, most Pros are experiencing job delays and cancellations. With pressures and emotions running high, Lowe’s is committed to helping communities face these challenges with easy to use and innovative solutions.

Lowe's for Pros JobSIGHT, powered by Streem, requires no special equipment or app downloads. Using two-way audio, one-way video, computer vision, and interactive augmented reality tools, Streem helps Pros look at problems from the customer’s point of view.

Built to help Pros get work done the Streem video calls can help Pros diagnose a problem, identify parts to order, and troubleshoot issues, completely virtually without a site visit — saving time while keeping customers safer.

Free for all Lowe’s Pros

Lowe’s helps Pros reach more customers, in more places, from wherever they need to be. Starting today, Lowe’s Pros can get free access to Streem interactive video platform through October 31st by joining the Lowe's Pros Loyalty Program at

Your welcome email will include a link to sign-up; after doing so, please allow up to 24 hours for your Streem account to become active.

Please remember, you need to be either a Lowe's Pro Loyalty program member to sign up.

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